First, the damaged steps are cleaned to remove dirt and attain a clean surface. This is the only way to ensure that the repair meets our high standards and is durable. The steps are then filled with our certified EsCare fillers and shaped.

No, with EsCare the steps can be repaired on site quickly and inexpensively – without any removals.

For an average escalator with about 70 – 80 steps and three defective ribs per step, one team only needs one workday. That’s a very small amount of time compared to all the alternatives. Basically, we are so flexible with our system that we only need a lead time of a few days to plan the maintenance. We can plan and carry out most orders at short notice.

In terms of repair time and escalator downtime, there are no alternatives to EsCare. Either the steps have to be replaced (which can take several days depending on the number of steps) or welded on – this procedure is very time-consuming. All steps have to be removed and reinstalled. Welding also involves other costly and time-consuming factors, such as mounting and dismounting the rollers, packaging, transport to and from a workshop, and sometimes weeks of repair time. When replacing the steps, longer delivery times are to be expected – if this is possible at all, because some old step types are not being produced anymore. We can also repair dismantled steps if the customer has them in stock. Either way, there is no faster way to repair defective steps than with EsCare.

Apart from the saved time, the cost saving is a strong arguement. Compared to buying new steps, the repair with EsCare can save up to 70% of the costs.

In our refurbishment with EsCare, we use the self-developed filling material Filler 2 at the customer’s request. The repair material, which has the same colour as the stairs, blends into its surroundings with grey colour. A thus repaired rib can hardly be distinguished from a new rib after the repair. However, if the customers wishe, the repairedribs can be painted in any preferred colour afterwards.

Yes, the repair with EsCare is certified according to EN115 and EN115-1 by the independ institute DEKRA.

All we need is a 230V power supply.

If desired, the repaired bars can be painted in a colour chosen by the customer after the repair in order to fully adapt to the appearance of the remaining steps.

Yes, we offer interested companies the possibility to use the EsCare method and the necessary equipment in their own business. We also provide targeted training for your staff. Thus, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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