Further products/services

In addition to repairs with EsCare, we also carry out hairline crack inspections and repairs in our workshop. This procedure is DEKRA-certified as well. We also supply required spare parts – from screws to new rollers and complete steps and pallets.

We also offer anti-slip coatings for escalator steps and moving walkway pallets to our customers. The coating is applied in the installed state so that the downtime is reduced to the mere working time (including the drying time). Just one day after the application, the moving walkway can be fully used again. Slips and resulting injuries are thus eliminated. The coating is certified by TÜV Süd.

Before anti-slippery coating
After anti-slippery coating

Inspection and maintenance

In addition to on-site repairs, our services also include inspection and maintenance work on our customers’ escalators and moving walkwaxs. The regular inspections ensure that our customers are always on the safe side in terms of their facilities. In cooperation with our network of qualified specialists in all German-speaking countries, we can offer our customers an all-round service that meets all requirements.

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