In order to guarantee the safety of the EsCare system and to meet the high quality requirements of our customers and the Federal Railway Authority (EBA), we carried out several technical appraisals. Independent DEKRA institute prepared the reports to prove the suitability of the repair process for escalator steps with the EsCare system/fill material. The basis of the test was the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as the European standards EN 115-1, Section to and EN 115 Section to

The report confirms: The steps repaired with EsCare Filler 1

“… meet the dimensional requirements of EN115 and EN115-1.”
“… do not… exhibit increased, additional hazard potential.”
“… can be repaired repeatedly”

The filling material

“…shows no lack of fusion”
“… has a very good connection to aluminium”
“…is shock resistant”
“…is flame-retardant”

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